Beatties Studio

My recent work for Beatties Studio.

Iconic Tasmanian John Watt Beattie was the official photographer for Tasmania in the early 1900’s.
His passion for Tasmania’s wilderness and dedication to recording people, places and events on film made his museum a renowned collection. It featured convict relics and historic photographs of Tasmania from the 1800’s onwards. After his death in 1930 the photographic collection passed to the Stephenson family who have maintained it ever since. If you are looking for photographs of Tasmania, there are over 4000 in the Beattie collection. Not just Hobart, Launceston and major towns, but wilderness scenes, mining and logging operations, apple growing, fishing and other aspects of life in Tasmania. This unique collection is now available in digital form, restoring the detail and majesty of John Beattie’s glass plates, panoramas and other historic photographs of early Tasmania.

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